Posted: March 11th, 2023

Evidence-Based Question, Research Problem, and Purpose


Purpose of Assignment:

Professional nurses must be able to identify relevant practice issues, appraise literature and integrate credible evidence into innovative, evidence-based practice solutions for positive outcomes.

Course Competency:

Propose an evidence-based solution aligned with an evidence-based practice question.

Explain the relationship between research, theory, and evidence-based practice.



Applying The Iowa Model Revised: Evidence-Based Practice to Promote Excellence in Health Care create a written proposal for these two components of a proposal for an evidence-base practice solution.

  • Identify and describe in detail a practice issue identified in your workplace or clinical experience including
  • Description of the relevance of practice issue to organizational priorities
  • Supporting internal and external data to support the need for proposed practice change
  • Create a research question using the PICO format with a description of each component.
  • P= Population
  • I=Intervention
  • C=Comparison Intervention
  • O=Outcomes


Use the

Template for the Course Project

  • Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
  • Logical, original and insightful
  • Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format
  • Submit document through
  • Template for the Course Project


    • What does PICO stand for?
    • What is EBP?
    • School of Nursing Research Guide
    • How do I find quantitative nursing articles?
    • How do I find qualitative nursing articles?
    • How do I find articles about nursing best practices?
    • How do I find nursing articles to answer my PICO clinical question?
    • Picking a Topic
    • APA Guide
    • Using the APA Template

    Running head: NUR3643 PROPOSAL 1


    NUR3643 Research and Theory Evidence-Based Proposal

    Your Name

    Rasmussen College

    Author Note

    This paper is being submitted on (Date), for (Instructor Name) NUR3643 Research and Theory Course.

    NUR3643 Research and Theory Evidence-Based Proposal

    Practice Issue

    Research Question

    Evidence Retrieval

    Evidence Appraisal

    Plan for Implementation

    Plan for Evaluation

    Plan to Sustain Practice Change


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