Posted: February 28th, 2023

Feb 18 DQ Response

Q. Read the below paragraph and write your opinion of about 200 words with intext citation and references.

Project stakeholders play an important role in project management and can be classified into two different types such as internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are those who are directly involved in the project within the organization such as project manager, team members, sponsor whereas external stakeholders are those who are not within organization and indirectly affected by the outcome of the project such as government, supplier, end user. There are different ways in identifying the project stakeholders such as by reviewing the project charter that contains detailed information of the project and reviewing the enterprise environmental factors (EEF) (Project Stakeholders | How to Identify, 2021). EEF can be defined as “the influences not under the control of the organization or the project management team that affect the organization, the project, and its outcome” (Usmani, 2022). Besides, interviewing the project experts and brainstorming with parties involved in the project can also effectively help in identifying the stakeholders (Project Stakeholders | How to Identify, 2021). In my opinion, the commonly overlooked stakeholder can be internal team member that is outside the core project team but provides assistance in the development of the project, regulatory agency, auditor, etc.
 In order to ensure all stakeholders are communicated; a list can be created and segmented based on groups or power of influence to the ongoing project (Hendricks, n.d.). This method can help to track each and manage the stakeholders easily such as planning the frequency of the meeting to be held and deciding the information to be delivered. If a stakeholder is being left out from the project, it will result in terrible consequences to the project as important opinion from the specific stakeholder will be missed in the planning stage and this might affect the timeline and scope of the project.

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