Posted: March 12th, 2023


Goals, IT Strategy, and Sustainability

Each weekly written assignment provides content for required sections of your Final Assignment. As noted in the Final Paper Guidelines, your business should remain consistent throughout the course. For this assignment, write a four to five-page paper that addresses the following points:

  • Introduction (Include this Introduction Paragraph in each Weekly Assignment)

    Name of the organization
    Organization Mission Statement
    Geographical regions of location
    Management of Technology & Innovation (M.T.I.) current state and future growth directions

  • Identify the key business goals of the organization (Identify at least four business goals). The organization business goals of existing companies can be found on its website or annual report.
  • Identify the IT Strategy to support goals of the organization. Specify how IT strategy should contribute to and support the organizations’ business goals. In this section, you should describe what “should” be the strategy of a technologically driven company. You should focus specifically on the technology strategy. You should think about all the things we learned in the class that will determine a strategy that will help the company succeed.
  • Remember that you can use either an existing company or a fictitious company. If you choose to use an existing company, you can visit their web site to see if their strategy is listed. Or you can do a web search on their technology strategy to see if anyone has written any stories about their strategy. For a fictitious company, you should make up a technology strategy that fits that type of company.
  • Include the IT directions and initiatives to address:

    Service – Enhance and expand existing technology and services.
    Innovation – Advance the organization in the innovative use of technology to meet the organization’s needs.
    Security – Strengthen the organization’s security systems, processes and approach to identity
    IT Foundation – IT Systems and competitive infrastructure to ensure it meets organizational technology needs (provide specific IT systems, functions, and descriptions).

  • Assessment of Management Technology Innovation (MTI) Capabilities

    Address each of the following:

    Who are your organization’s competitors?
    How does your organization gather information to be on the forefront of information technology development? What type of research facilities exist?
    How does your organization accept product and other innovative ideas from employees?
    What programs and processes are in place for employees to provide innovative suggestions?
    What strategy or objectives are in place in your organization to deal with internal innovations of entrepreneurs?

  • Assessing Sustainability, Stakeholder Responsibility and Technology Innovation

    Address each of the following:

    Environmental – What is your organization impact on resources, such as air, water, ground and waste emissions?
    Economic – Evaluate the company stakeholder responsibility and the bottom line. What is evidence of your organization’s sustained economic success?
    Social – What is your organization’s code of conduct and corporate governance statement? What does your organization have in place for a Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.)? This is the company’s sense of responsibility toward the community and environment.

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