Posted: March 12th, 2023

Final Project Design a Social Media Strategy

 Please do this with the ZARA brand store please

1) Read the following articles describing award-wining social media campaigns. Take notes of strategies and tactics: to an external site. to an external site. to an external site.


2) Design a social media plan/strategy for a brand of your team’s choice to support an integrated communication campaign. 
Required elements of the campaign are:


1. SWOT Analysis

2. At least 1 (one) Communication Goal and subsequent 2 (two) SMART Communication Objectives with the corresponding KPI’s.

3. 1(one) Business Goal.

4. Target Market / Key Public(s)/ Buyer Persona Profile. Give them “a name” and include an image. ( see the example of Sam, the Athlete, in Scott’s book, chapter 10)

5. Social media strategy and specific tactics (what is the communication strategy and the content strategy, in which platforms would the key messages be communicated, how or by whom, and why). Include logo, ads, visuals, mock-ups of social media posts, etc for maximum points.

6. Communication Confirmation Table.

4. Measurement and evaluation. (Tools to be used and how would you measure engagement).

5. Each student’s BIO at the end ( appendix).


Format: PDF with cover page.

Length: You control the length. Make sure you are submitting a well-documented and designed campaign.

Each student must submit the project as his/her own with both partners’ names on the cover page.


I encourage you to contact the brand/ company and interview the CEO/ Founder/ Marketing/PR/ Social Media VP ( or highest rank that you can access)- to obtain first hand insights about their social/ digital media challenges and opportunities.

You may use this intro when you reach out :

“Dear …:

My name is …. and I am a graduate student at Florida International University. I am enrolled in the Master of Science in Global Strategic Communication at the School of Communication + Journalism. This semester, I am asked by my instructor in the Digital Media Management class to create a social media campaign for a brand of my choice. My team partner and I chose …….( insert the name of the brand) because we are both passionate about ….. ( insert the industry, etc).

We would love the opportunity to speak with you either in person or on Zoom for no more than 30 minutes. Our questions will focus on your overall goals and strategies in the digital space. Thank you in advance.

Looking forward to your answer,



Phone number


1. What challenges do you face right now when creating campaigns for social media?

2. What opportunities do you see right now when creating campaigns for social media? 

3. Who is your ideal client persona? Who is your audience?

4. How do you speak to multiple audiences on social media ( if applicable)?

5. How do you ensure that the overall brand message stays unified across channels?

6. How do you work together with the PR, Marketing, Sales, and Advertising teams?

7. When you have new product/ service to launch, how do you approach coming up with a new campaign concept?

8. How does your brand stay relevant on social media?

9. What is a typical goal for a social media campaign for your brand ?

10. Do you have an example of one campaign that didn’t meet your expectations? 

11. Do you have an example of one campaign that exceeded your expectations? 

12. How do you measure success on social media?

13. What’s next for your brand in the digital space for 2023?


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