Posted: February 28th, 2023

final (saunders)

 Please answer each question on a separate page

  • 1. Discuss  the literature on split-brain and lateralization of function. What does  the research tell us about each hemispheres ability to function  independently (e.g., cognitively, creatively, etc.) and in unison? What  are the implications for the cognitive neuroscientist in terms of  research?
  • 2. Discuss  one of the psychiatric disorders. Be sure to address both the  physiological and behavioral aspects of the disorder (signs and  symptoms, biochemical or genetic theories, etc.), and pharmacological  and behavioral treatments for the disorder. What is the role of the  biopsychologist or neuroscientist in this type of research?
  • 3. Discuss  sleep in terms of the normal sleep cycle. Be sure to address the stages  of sleep and physiological correlates associated with each stage. How  does dreaming fit into our conception of a normal sleep cycle? Address  theories of dreaming. What are the consequences of disruption of sleep? 
  • 4. Critically evaluate the theories that have been used to explain emotion. Which do you think is the best theory and why?
  • 5. What  brain regions and neurochemical systems are known to be involved in the  regulation of sleep? What is known about the neurobiology and  endocrinology of circadian rhythms?

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