Posted: February 28th, 2023

Home food safety manual


create a home food safety manual.

As you know, foodborne illness is a widespread problem, not only in  the United States, but around the world. Prior to beginning this course,  you may have thought that foodborne illnesses were only caused by  restaurants or food manufacturers. However you have learned that what  you do (or do not do) in your own home can also cause foodborne  illnesses. Whether it is letting the kids sample the raw cookie dough,  washing your raw chicken in the kitchen sink, letting your meat thaw at  room temperature all day, or judging a burger by the way it looks, there  are many ways that we can unintentionally cause harm to ourselves and  our families through improper food safety practices.


For this final assignment, you will be creating a food safety manual  to be used in your own home. There is a suggested table of contents  listed below, but it is up to you to fully address each section. You may  add to the table of contents, but you may not delete anything.  Remember, this is for use in your own home, so it should be specific to  your home. So if you are a parent of small children, you may be  including different information than a single retired adult. Take into  account the structure of your family, and who typically shops for,  stores, prepares, serves, and consumes food in your home.

Do NOT include the explanations in parentheses that follow the table  of contents elements – these are to help clarify what should be included  – but DO include page numbers for reference.

Please do NOT copy and paste charts from various websites. Anyone can  copy and paste. That does not show that you understand the concepts.  Visuals are encouraged – either create your own or if you must use an  existing visual, be sure to give credit to the creator of the image. You  should cite your sources using APA format for in-text citations. So if  you have a list of internal cooking temperatures (hint, hint), cite the  source that you used to find those temperatures.


This is for you to demonstrate  what you have learned and how you would share your food safety  knowledge with your family and friends. Have fun with this.

Table of Contents (this is a minimum to include)

Introduction to Food Safety

How Food can Become Contaminated in the Home Kitchen

Safe Purchasing Practices (where do you shop, what do you look for, how do you transport your groceries home)

Safe Storage Practices (how and where is your food stored, do you rotate, check package dates)

Safe Preparation Practices (who cooks, what are they  wearing, what do they do – include at least 4 internal cooking  temperatures and explain how to check, handwashing)

Safe Serving Practices (family style, who plates the food, parties and buffets)

Household Food Safety (here you can include extra  tips that you want to cover – think about things like if you have  children, how you will instill good food safety and hygiene practices,  consider listing some “training” resources, the poison control line,  what to do if you suspect a foodborne illness, where to report unsafe  food that you have purchased, etc.)

??anything else you would like to include??

References (formatted in APA format)

Have fun! The more relevant you make this for your own household, the more fun you will have with it.

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