Posted: February 26th, 2023




Ethics in Psychology and Health

Research Paper 2

Ethical issues faced by school counselors

1. The conflict between the open communication norms among educators and the confidentiality norm of the counseling profession.

2. The obligation to assist students experiencing personal and social difficulties and the potential for parents and community standards to conflict with students’ needs

3. The responsibility of the schools related to cyberbullying and other harassing online behaviors. Between 12 and 43% of middle and high school students report that they have been victimized by cyberbullying, typically via email, chat rooms, social networking sites, and instant messaging (Dehue, Bolman, & Vollink, 2008).

4. The obligations of school counselors with suicidal students

5. The complications of group counseling in schools

6. The ethics of peer counseling and peer mediation with minors

The school counselor faces a list of potential ethical dilemmas while performing their school counseling duties. In this research paper select one from the list above and research what is the best practice to avoid the potential conflict/dilemma.

(Title page, 2 pages of content and a reference page) Minimum 2 sources and follow apa writing standards.

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