Posted: March 11th, 2023

hospitality business ethic assignment

all the requirement is in the word document. and700-800 words

Paper: If you prefer, you may write a paper rather than make a presentation. Use a normal, 12 pt. font, double spaced, normal margins, 700-800 words. It should have a title page with the name of the case as part of the title, your name, the class name, date, and word count.

Summarize the case/story in your own words. Who are the characters? What is the situation? What happens? The summary should aim to inform someone unfamiliar with the story as to what happened. Identify and analyse the ethical problem. Why is it a problem? Also, what, if anything, did the characters do to solve the problem? Make it clear to someone unfamiliar with the case what the problem is and why it’s a problem. What should be done, from a Utilitarian standpoint? And why? And what should be done from a Kantian (Categorical Imperatives) perspective? Show that you know and can apply the ideas from these two schools of thought. They may lead to differing conclusions. Finally, what are your own thoughts about the situation? What would be other ethical solutions – or why was the decision taken a good solution, etc.? This final paragraph is where you can/should get outside of “what should I say in an ethics class?” and into “what would I really do in this situation?”

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