Posted: March 12th, 2023



Grade Replacement Opportunity
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I am now offering a grade replacement opportunity. You would need to write a 2-page, double-
spaced reflection on how this course has changed your way of looking at the world in some
way. You must include references (with citations) to three separate sources from the course,
and this must be turned in via CANVAS INBOX AS AN ATTACHMENT by 9:00 am on
December 3, 2022. This will count as a grade replacement for your lowest grade, and it can
not take the place of your final exam.

Note: Do not include a full MLA header, name, class, title, etc. Just put your name at the top
and start writing on the next line. I would like 2 full pages of actual text along with in-text and
end citations. This means with your name and end citations, you will have 3 pages total. Let
me know if you have any questions!

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