Posted: February 26th, 2023

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  • Chapter 6 of the course text, Principles of Marketing


  • What Is Integrated Marketing?Links to an external site.


One Message, Many Media: Integrated Marketing Campaigns

To examine integrated marketing in action, in this activity, you’re going to tell the story of a particular campaign from your internship brand, selected in Week 1, across multiple media. We want to know what unifies the campaign and how each unique medium is being utilized (or underutilized if you feel so). And we want to hear if you think the campaign is effective or not and why. So, let’s start!

  • Identify a significant marketing campaign from your internship brand.

    Find one campaign that was supported across multiple media (e.g., TV, print, website, banner ads, social media networks ads, billboard ads, etc.).
    If you don’t know how to identify and research major marketing campaigns, search the web or major advertising publications (Try Adweek Links to an external site.or the Adweek YouTube Channel Links to an external site..) for articles about your brand’s advertising campaigns or check your brand’s Twitter feed for recurring ad messages. You can also search MOAT Links to an external find various versions of your brands’ creatives.
    Find campaign executions for at least three different media channels (e.g., campaign executions on TV, print, website, banner ads, social media networks ads, billboard ads, etc.). Include the images of each media channel in your post. If you are using a TV commercial or a YouTube ad or any video-based channel, and decide not to link the entire video, you need to at least include a screenshot or still image of the most important shot of that video ad.

  • Create a new post containing the following elements:

    Define integrated marking communications (IMC) in your words. Use the text to support your definition.

  • Describe why companies use IMC campaigns.
  • For each medium channel you picked, briefly describe how it is being used, focusing on what it can do that other media cannot. (Three media channels should be in your post along with a copy of the ad image or video.
  • A paragraph summarizing what unifies the campaign and whether you think it is effective and why.
  • Use Table 6.2 POE’s model of message channels from the course text, and from each quadrant, identify at least one channel that would benefit your internship brand if adopted or used more effectively. Explain your reason.
  • Your initial post must be at least 350 words.
  • Be sure to use subject headers for each of the questions asked.
  • Review the Level Heading section of Introduction to APA Links to an external site.resource from the Writing Center for more information.
  • Be sure to properly cite your textbook in APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA: Citing Within Your Paper Links to an external Uber is the company

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