Posted: February 28th, 2023

Incorporate feedback

Embracing feedback will be an important part of your academic and professional career. When you get feedback on a writing assignment, you are often expected to take the feedback and revise your original work based on it.


Read the examples of personal mission statements and goals with the feedback they were given in the 

Module Six Activity Template

. Then, practice incorporating the feedback into a revised version for each example in the template. This assignment is about learning how to revise work based on feedback and practicing that skill.

Note that you will practice revising sample personal mission statements and short-term goals based on sample feedback in Module Six Activity Template.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Revise the example personal mission statement based on instructor feedback.NOTE: Students should be using the example personal mission statement located in the Module Six Activity Template linked above.  
  • Revise the first short-term goal based on instructor feedback.
  • Revise the second short-term goal based on instructor feedback.
  • Revise the third short-term goal based on instructor feedback.
  • Identify some benefits of embracing and incorporating feedback in your writing.Think about how embracing feedback and using it to guide your revisions may continue to help in the future

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