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Infograph Power Point



are used to communicate complex ideas in a visually pleasing, yet simple to understand manner.

Evaluation, create an Infographic that communicates the information you want to convey about either Thales, any Pre-Socratic philosopher, or Socrates.

Imagine you are a recruiter for his school or his philosophy. Present some historical information about your philosopher, but also present information about theories you find interesting, accomplishments, snippets of any writing. Sell me on this philosopher. Present reasons I would want to have this philosopher as my teacher.

This satisfies Course Objective 1.

When creating your infographic, please consider the following:

  • Use an Infographic program such as Piktochart, Visme, MS Publisher, or MS PowerPoint. For many of these, you will need an account for them to work properly (they will still be free). Do not pay for an account.
  • Use copyright-free images (included in the Infographic program used).
  • Include text to explain your argument and describe your position.
  • Include data to support your argument.
  • Include at least two sources in the Infographic and include both references at the bottom and in-text citations on the infographic where the referenced material was used.

Use Thales for topic.

Examples in the files

Creati�g Vi�ual�
i� Piktoc�art
T�i� i�troductio� paragrap� i� excelle�t to
explai� ��y t�ey ��ould adopt your idea. Start� by
pai�ti�g t�e �ucce�� followed by �ow your idea
will co�tribute to ac�ievi�g �ucce��.



1 Fi�d t�e rig�t te�plate.
W�e� you log i�to Piktoc�art, you will fir�t la�d o� t�e Da��board
page. So�e tip� to �ake your te�plate �electio� proce�� ea�ier:

Have a fre��
�tart by u�i�g a
bla�k te�plate. 

Scroll t�roug�
te�plate� i�

variou� for�at�.

U�e �earc� bar to
�earc� t�e �a�e
of t�e te�plate.

Piktoc�art Da��board

Edit your text.
O�ce you’ve decided o� your te�plate, click U�e Te�plate to load t�e
�elected te�plate.

Co��i�te�t u�age
i� ico��, fo�t� a�d
color� �elp� to
e��ure your vi�ual
look� profe��io�al.

Start editi�g your text by
double-clicki�g t�i� text a�d
replace it wit� your co�te�t.

Pro tip

Rea� t�e fu�� ��og post


I��ert grap�ic�.
Brow�e t�roug� t�ou�a�d� of ico�� i� our
library you ca� fi�d u�der Grap�ic� tab o� t�e
left �e�u. U�e t�e �earc� tool a�d i��ert
keyword� to fi�d t�e ico�� you’re looki�g for.
Click or drag-a�d-drop t�e ico�� you �eed
fro� t�e �e�u to your ca�va�.

S�ape� � Ico��


Our P�otofra�e� allow you to drag a�d drop
your p�oto� i�to readily-�ade de�ig�� t�at
i��ta�tly �a�k your p�oto i�to variou� ��ape�
– �o do�’t forget to try t�e� out!


You ca� al�o
Upload our ow�
p�oto�, ico�� a�d
grap�ic� u�i�g t�e
Upload� tab.

Pro tip

Vi�ualize your data.
C�oo�e fro� 16 differe�t c�art� a�d variou� �ap� to vi�ualize your
data. Cu�to�ize your c�art �tyle furt�er by c�a�gi�g t�e
color� a�d ico��.

You ca� build a� i�teractive da��board
by i�tegrati�g your Google S�eet li�k.Pro tip
Watc� tutoria�


S�are your vi�ual
Your beautiful vi�ual de�erve� all atte�tio�. Dow�load your work a�
a� i�age, publi�� it o�li�e, ��are by e�ail, or ��are your i�fograp�ic
directly o� �ocial �edia. Co�trol t�e acce�� to co�fide�tial
i�for�atio� by activati�g t�e pa��word protectio�. 


You did it!
I� t�i� block you ca� i�clude clear i��tructio�� o� �ow to proceed
to t�e �ext �tep�. We �ope you fi�d t�i� te�plate �elpful a�d
�appy Piktoc�art-i�g!

Help Ce�ter



More re�ource�

I�fograp�ic by: Jo�� S�it� © Lear�i�g � Develop�e�t Dept.


Thales of Miletus
The First Philosopher 

First of the Seven Sages of Greece!
Founder of Philosophy!
First to question the origins of the universe.
Developer of 5 mathematic theories

Who is Thales

Thales Ideas

The Earth
The earth is spherical and at rest. It is

also surrounded by water and has
wood properties. This is how the

earth floats on water. (Rusu)


Water is the Origin
Everything is full of water. All things

emerge from water and all things will
return to water. (O’Grady)

Rusu, Livia. “How Thales of Miletus Changed the World.” ZME Science, 2 Feb. 2021,

O’Grady, P., 2022. Thales of Miletus | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. [online]
Available at: .

Earthquake Theory
When earthquakes happen it is

merely  the movements of the oceans
and their roughness around the

earth. (O’Grady)

To study under Thales is to follow an open mindset and to question the
commonalities of life. If you believe that there is more to the world than
the chaotic nature of the gods, then you have come to the right place.

There are answers to the universe that you can only find when you
open your mind to observation and reason. Thales has founded many

different things to include multiple mathematic and scientific theories.
He is a well established as a philosopher and is the first of the Seven

Sages of Greece. There is no better choice in a leader than that of Thales
of Miletus. 

Choose Thales

Reference List

In an isosceles triangle the bases are
equal. The angle in a semicircle is a
right angle. If two straight lines cut

each other they make vertical angles
equal to one another. (Rusu)

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