Posted: February 28th, 2023

information ecosystem

information ecosystem


In this formal, sourced, academic essay, you will revisit the framing text for the course from Module 1: “The Information Ecosystem,” (

The Information Ecosystem

) by Knute O. Berger and update it for the contemporary/ present moment. Where Berger discusses the rise of cable, telephones, and computers, you may focus on streaming, smartphones, and the Internet. Essentially, you should describe the current information ecosystem to include how information is created and shared as well as how information is consumed. 

Essays may discuss any/ all of the following:

· How the integrity of information changes when 
everyone has the ability to create and distribute that information

· What new and emerging technologies are playing or will play an essential role in information creation and consumption in the future

· How the information ecosystem today is better than it was in the past

· Dangers or pitfalls of the contemporary/ current information ecosystem

· Anything else you find interesting/ relevant

Sample Organizational Model

Introduction: Your introduction may summarize the original article by Berger. What was the information ecosystem like in 1989? How did Berger feel about it? What were his concerns? Include a specific thesis that summarizes how you believe the information ecosystem has changed in the decades since.

Body Section 1: Describe the benefits of contemporary information ecosystem. Cite specific examples of new media and traditional media that illustrate your points.

Body Section 2: Describe the potential pitfalls of the contemporary information ecosystem. Cite specific examples of new media and traditional media that illustrate your points.

Body Section 3: Discuss what you think the future might look like with regard to information creation and distribution. What is happening 
now that might set up the next radical change?

Conclusion: Return again to the 1989 article and draw connections between the current/ future information ecosystem and what Berger saw happening in the late 80s. 

Source Requirements

· One example each of a text created for general audiences in a new/ digital medium and a text created for a general audience in a traditional/ professional medium. These two should be united by a common topic.

· “The Information Ecosystem” article from Module 1

Essay Requirements

Your essay should be 

· a formal, academic argument

· presented in MLA/ APA style (including a sources list)

· 750-850 words 

Your essay 
may include

· visual components if they contribute to the written content in a significant way

· more than three sources if necessary/ the content dictates as such

Submit your essay here as a PDF or Word document.

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