Posted: February 26th, 2023

Informative Speech Plan

Submit the following in the text box (no attachments or uploads will be accepted):

PART 1 (5 points)

List  and number five potential informative topics. Provide 2-3 sentences about their relevance to you.

PART 2 (5 points)

1. Identify the topic you will use for your speech and 2-3 lines about why you selected that above the other options.

2. Write the specific purpose statement that alludes to the precise goal for the speech: “My audience will …..” The purpose statement should be: a) a declarative statement, b) written as a complete sentence rather than a title or sentence fragment, c) descriptive and specific rather than vague, and d) focused on one idea.

3. Write a thesis statement that includes your three main points

PART 3 (15 points)

4. List five research materials in bibliographic form that you have found on your topic. Evaluate these sources as an annotated bibliography. You may select a book, scholarly journal article, newspaper or magazine article, or a website or media clip. You must select three different information source types

For each of these sources, do the following:

Write the citation in APA  

Links to an external site.

or MLA format. Formatting for most types of materials can be found in your text and the link provided. NOTE: If you have any questions about APA style and annotated bibliography, you may email your questions to the librarians, NOVA Online librarians are here to help you!

  • List your sources by alphabetic order, using the last name of the primary author of each work you are citing.
  • For each source, write a one-paragraph summary of the source using your own words. Make sure to label the type of source (e.g., Book, Website, Journal Article, etc.).
  • Write another paragraph evaluating the source. How/why will it be a helpful source to include in your speech? What information in the source will demonstrate the main points that you will develop in your speech and/or provide information for connecting with your audience?
  • For your reference, here is a sample annotated bibliography, Example Annotated Bibliography Links to an external site.

    Links to an external site.Label each part of the assignment.


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