Posted: February 26th, 2023

international business negotiations

4-5 pages

MAN 3442 Real Negotiation Assignment


The purpose of this project is to enhance your learning by conducting real negotiations

the classroom exercises. Note that I am less interested in

you negotiate or the “goodness” of your settlement than I am in (a)

you step outside your comfort zones, (b)

you approach the negotiations, and (c)

you learn about using your negotiation skills in these real-life settings.

Possible Out-of-Class Negotiations

out-of-class negotiation that will be conducted by
each of its members. Some possibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

· Negotiating a purchase—for example, a TV, car, computer.

· Negotiation for a better deal on your cell phones, credit card rates, or other purchases.

· Negotiation (or re-negotiation) of lease agreements, partnerships, or contracts.

· Negotiation of reimbursements for poor service or resolving customer service complaints.

· Negotiations for events such as weddings, group travel plans, class gatherings, etc.

Negotiations other than those listed above are welcome as long as they fit within the general parameters for this assignment. The one non-negotiable facet is that you
MAY NOT tell those with whom you are negotiating that you are doing so as part of a class project.

You can be the buyer or the seller, and although you do not need to complete a transaction to complete the exercise, the good or service that you negotiate for should be something that you would actually buy or sell. (Note: the negotiations must take place after the course starts). For one of the negotiations, you may negotiate against a good friend or loved one (e.g. mom, friend, significant other), but at least once you must negotiate against a relative stranger (or your boss).


In your write-up I will be looking for (and grading) the following:

(1) Overview: Provide a brief overview of the key events.

(2) Preparation: The key to most successful negotiations is all the work done before the actual negotiation. How did you prepare?

(3) Analysis:

· What were the critical factors that affected the negotiation situation and outcomes, and what can you say about these factors in general?

· How do the concepts and strategies presented in lectures or readings enrich your understanding of the process of this negotiation, its outcome, or your own style?

· How successful were you in the use of these concepts and strategies?

(4) Synthesis:

· What did you learn about yourself and others from this experience?

· What did you learn about negotiation from this situation?

· How does this experience compare to others that you or someone you know have had in comparable circumstances?

(5) Well written

· The paper should be about 5 page, 12-point font, double spaced and follow the rules of good grammar.

A “good” write-up is one that tries to step back from a negotiation, identifies key events and processes, uses readings to help structure the analysis, and is written well.


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