Posted: February 27th, 2023

Introduction to Global Studies

Please chose a topic that goes with this class.  Introduction to Global Studies 

Please see attachment

The outline will include the topic, an introduction (including the significance, contributions or impact to global events), the main body (dates, details of the topic, impacts, and any other relevant aspects), and a conclusion (the so-what aspects of the topic). You may choose any topic, covering many regions, OR you may choose a region covering many topics that impact that region.   Your outline should have a Main body (should have multiple entries); a summary; conclusion; and the bibliography. You should have at least 5 Sources for your bibliography 

Top of Form

1. Topic

2. Introduction

3. Historical Background

4. Current Status

5. Arguments

6. Arguments For (Pros of addressing the issue)

7. Arguments Against (Cons against addressing the issue

8. Main Body

9. Regions Impacted

10. People Impacted

11. Challenges to Fixing the Problem

12. Government Challenges and Limitations

13. Russia

14. U.S.

15. China

16. Religious Challenges and Limitations (if needed)

17. Societal Challenges and Limitations

18. Technological Challenges and Limitations

19. Maps, Images, & Statistics

20. Current Progress

21. Individuals (Key People)

22. Nations making progress

23. Nations making it worse

24. Solutions

25. Summary (where we are at with the issue currently. briefly restate main points)

26. Conclusion (current status and results and what what happens if the issue is not addressed)

27. Bibliography

Bottom of Form

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

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