Posted: February 27th, 2023


Readings: Leadership & Culture (Chapter 15 & 14)
Textbook Link:

Instructions: Complete the following questions, which are worth 5 points each.
Seek to apply what you have learned from the chapters, and what you learned completing the
self-assessments. Write 3-5 sentences per question.

1. Can a person without influence be a leader? Does having influence automatically make

someone a leader?

2. Have you ever engaged in impression management? What did you hope to accomplish?

3. Is there a logical sequence for the use of power bases that a manager might follow? For
instance, should the use of legitimate power usually precede the use of reward power, or
vice versa?

4. Cite examples in which you have been committed, compliant, and resistant as a result of

efforts to influence you. Think of times when your attempts to influence others led to
commitment, compliance, and resistance.

5. Do you agree or disagree with the assertion that political behavior is inevitable in

organizational settings?

6. Recall examples of how you have either used or observed others using the techniques
of political behavior identified in the chapter. What other techniques can you suggest?

7. Recall an instance when you have experienced each of the four forms of organizational

justice in either a positive or negative manner.

8. Are certain forms of conflict more likely than others to be associated with each level of
interdependence? In what way?

9. How comfortable are you personally in dealing with conflict?

3. Why don’t people engaged in all negotiation situations try to adopt a win-win mentality?

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