Posted: February 28th, 2023

KIN 200


Evaluate Your Physical Education

Answer the following questions in full.

  1. Did you believe your physical education teacher focused on what they would teach that day or what you would learn? Give an example of the teacher’s behavior to support your answer.
  2. Do you believe that your physical education teacher was knowledgeable about the topics covered in your course? What gave you this impression?
  3. Was you teacher inclusive all of the diverse needs of students as learners in the class? If so, how did they accomplish this? If not, how could they have accomplished this better?
  4. Did your class include an assessment (evaluation) of your teacher and the course?
  5. Did your teacher include a Q&A period in class?
  6. Did you teacher utilize innovative instructional strategies or novel curricula? If so, give an example. If not, list one strategy/novel curriculum they could have utilized.
  7. Did you teacher model athletic skills and fitness?
  8. Did your teacher promote learning progression or building upon gained knowledge over time?
  9. Did your teacher integrate physical education with other subject matter, such a biology, physiology or health?

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