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Concept Map

Project – Week 7, pt. 4 of 5

For the duration of this 8-week term, you will complete a Kinesiology concept map. This project will begin with the broad category of Kinesiology as the central portion of your map. Over the course of the term, you will continue to build onto your concept map as you learn more about the various aspects of the field of Kinesiology. With each addition to your concept map, you will provide a new assessment/reflection regarding the field of Kinesiology. Each file associated with this project will be labeled “Kinesiology Concept Map – xyz” (‘xyz’ will be replaced with the appropriate name of the worksheet to be completed for a given week) on the Moodle course website. Put your name and date in the designated slots below these instructions.



*Type your answers directly into this document. Make sure you complete each page of this document in order to get full credit for the assignment. Be sure to complete them in the following order:

Checklist for Completion


Concept Map

Defining Terms

Conceptual Relationships




*This is to help you confirm you’ve completed the assignment in full.

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Concept Map

A concept map will help you to organize, relate, and understand the various aspects and topics of Kinesiology that you will be introduced to during this 8-week course. Please make sure to look in the supporting materials links for examples of concept maps before you begin this assignment. Provided in the PowerPoint file named Concept Map Template is a starting point for your own map. In future weeks, you will need to insert new shapes/text boxes for new concepts as is necessary.

You may create your concept map via the PowerPoint template or in the document. Regardless of what you choose, you will need to paste your final concept map in the space below:

Defining Terms

The purpose of defining terms is to make sure that you have gained the foundational knowledge needed to build relationships and fully understand the various aspects of Kinesiology. Therefore, please respond to the following questions below:

1. Define exercise physiology.

2. List three training principles utilized in exercise physiology.

3. What is a health and fitness professional?

4. What are four settings for health and fitness?

5. What are at least three of the roles that health and fitness professional fill?

6. What types of certifications and education levels are required for health and fitness professionals?

7. What are the five dimensions of the multidimensional model of wellness?

Conceptual Relationships

The purpose of conceptual relationships is to help you integrate, associate, and connect knowledge of various aspects of Kinesiology, as well as realize how each field in Kinesiology supports one another. Therefore, please respond to the following questions below:

1. What are some ways in which you might use exercise physiology in your physical activity training?

2. If you were to create an exercise plan that incorporates resistance training with the goal of increasing muscular strength in your legs, what training principles might you apply to your plan? Why?

3. If you had a client who was previously a sedentary individual and you recommended a cardiovascular exercise routine to them that they adopted over a 6 week period, what types of physiological adaptations might you expect to see in your client?

4. If you had a client that wanted to improve their health through physical activity, what duration and intensity of cardiovascular exercise might you suggest to them?

5. Kinesiology professionals are generally granted a monopoly on the delivery of services used to improve quality of life via physical activity. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

6. Would you rather receive help from a mechanical, market-driven professional or a social trustee/civic professional? Why would you rather the type of professional that you chose?

7. Do you believe that health and fitness professionals are needed in today’s society? Why or why not?

Week 7 Kinesiology Concept Map Reflection

As we continue through the term, you will be required to fill out periodic reflections to record your thoughts and feelings about Kinesiology as you learn new information. Today, I want you to focus on the first day of changing your behavior. There is a specific prompt for you to get started, but after you answer the initial questions, you are free to continue on with more open-ended journaling, if you wish.

Journal Prompt: Has the new knowledge regarding the various disciplines and aspects of Kinesiology learned in the past 2 weeks changed your view or thoughts of Kinesiology? Based on what you learned these past 2 weeks, what do you think are some current challenges in Kinesiology? Do you think you personally can address these challenges? If so, how? Feel free to write whatever else comes to mind if you wish.

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