Posted: March 12th, 2023

kinesiology #10


Kinesiology Quiz 2:

Tuesday 02/28/2023 Pacific Time Zone(California)(4:30pm~6pm)

Time Limit: 20 mins

Number of Question: 8 (not sure exactly, but expecting it as same as quiz 1)


1. Environment Conditions

2. Biomechanics of Human Movement

3. Contemporary issues of Exercise

4. Exercise in rehabilitative health

Final Exam:

Tuesday 03/14/2023 (Whole day)

Time and Number of Questions: same as midterm

Final Exam Study Guide
Intro to Kines:
Know the general definition (art and science of human movement)

Careers in Therapeutic Exercise + Training Principles
Difference between Habilitative and Rehabilitative Therapeutic Ex.
Types of Therapeutic Exercise Settings
Some professions affiliated with this concentration
Know your 5 training principles and what they are

Underlying aim of kinesiology
Why do we study biomechanics?
Elements of biomechanics
Difference between kinematics and kinetics
Cause of motion
Factors that would modify motion
What is Gait Analysis
What we call the repetitive pattern of the steps and strides
6 phases of gait learned on the slides
Center of gravity and what affects it
% C of G depending on gender
Differences between neutral, stable and unstable equilibrium
What affects stability (3)
Concepts behind stability
Mass of the body and stability
Do visual and psychological factors affect stability? Provide and example
What are the principles of stability (will have you list 4)
What body position will make it is hardest to move and individual?

All material is fair game covered in the last 3 sections. This just gives some things to keep in mind.

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