Posted: February 28th, 2023

Legal Issues in Technology

Here are the copied and pasted instructions.  

“Do a search on the website Reddit ( for legal issues in technology. You might have to use various keywords (ex. legal technology, privacy, hacker, etc.).

Find five articles that interest you. For each article, provide a 2-page overview and opinion. (include main topics and key players). You may have to give us a background not included in the article, so we understand the issue better. Also, read the comments posted on Reddit about the article and include your review of them in your paper. Finally, provide your opinion and viewpoint. You are not a lawyer, but “Yes, I agree” is not enough.

Include appropriate citations. You might not be familiar with these topics, so I expect plenty of citations for claims you make.

So altogether, you should have about ten pages typed double-spaced.”

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