Posted: February 28th, 2023

Martha Rinaldi Case Analysis


Martha Rinaldi: Should She Stay or Should She Go?

INSTRUCTIONS: Analyze the Martha Rinaldi case(Please find attached Martha Rinaldi case) and write a minimum 2-page paper (single-spaced and 12 point type) that answers the questions posed below. Tie in explicit reference to our course reading materials(please see below video/Article links and attached files) as relevant to your analysis. When doing so, italicize specific concepts or terms used and cite the reading (at least 3 or more cites) or the relevant authors of the theories used. Given that I am familiar with all references from this course you can simply put the authors’ names in parentheses to cite.

1. Describe the psychological contract that Martha had when she joined Potomac Waters. What happened to her psychological contract, and what impact did this have on Martha? 

2. Consider the various motivation theories that you read about this week. Apply at least one theory to Martha’s behavior that you believe is helpful to understanding her.

3. What, if anything, could Martha have done differently? What do you think held her back?

4. What should Martha do now? Be specific in your response. Should she stay or should she go? Why? Address the consequences of your decision. If you think she should stay, provide your rationale and guidance for how she should make this successful. If you think she should leave, explain why and what she needs to be aware of going forward. What potential consequences or considerations are there to leaving?

 Please see below this week Video links and reading links and attached files(MBA621Motivation PPT,EmployeemotivationLathaman Files)  

Reading Link:

The Problem with Financial Incentives — and What to Do About It

Video Link:


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