Posted: March 12th, 2023

Maternal Child Newborn

Module 08 Content

  1. Purpose of Assignment: To identify risks and treatment options for respiratory illnesses.


    You are one of the LPNs on duty at the clinic today. It has been very busy; it is cold and flu season. There have been so many kids in with respiratory illnesses that there is a designated LPN in charge of getting them all checked in. That is your role today: you will be taking vital signs, obtaining weights, and alerting the RN to any child with abnormal vital signs.

    Your call the next child back to the treatment room for vital signs and a weight. This little one is three years old. He was brought in by his mom who says he has had a cough and sniffles for two days. Mom is also carrying a baby who she says is four-months-old. Mom says the baby has sniffles too, but she does not think the doctor needs to see the baby. The baby is sleeping when you call back the other child.

    This is the data you collected from the three-year-old child:

    Temperature- 102.2 F orally (above normal range)

    Heart rate- 110 (above normal range)

    Blood pressure- 100/60 (within normal range)

    Respiratory rate- 28 (above normal range)

    Oxygen saturation- 90% (below normal range)

    Weight- 28 pounds (within normal range)


    Using the above scenario, answer the following questions:

    There are four measurements above that are abnormal and will be reported to the RN. Which measurement has the highest priority and should be reported immediately? Explain your response.
    What additional information will be helpful to report to the RN regarding this priority concern? Explain your response and include what your findings might be.
    There are four vital sign readings that are abnormal. What is the normal range for each finding? What treatments would be anticipated for the oxygen saturation and the temperature? Which treatment will be given first? Explain your response.
    Additionally, since Mom reported that the four-month-old baby has sniffles. Should we be more or less concerned about this based on the child’s age? Explain your response.

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