Posted: February 27th, 2023


Part 1

Throughout this course, you’ve learned how to interface with cloud-based databases to support organizational operations, implement a cloud-based system that meets organizational requirements, and determine the implications involved in the design of IoT software applications. This final discussion will ask you to consider how you can apply what you have learned to help you advance your career in the IT field.

In your initial discussion post, reflect on the first question, then select 2 other questions to discuss from the following:

· How has cloud computing influenced the IT field?

· How will the cloud computing concepts you learned in this course influence your future?

· What will you do with the information and skills you learned in this course, especially as you start or advance in your career as an IT professional?

· Based on what you know today, what kind of IT role do you envision yourself in, and why?

· What business, personal, or social problems are you passionate about that can be solved or improved through cloud computing?

Part 2

Discuss any similarities and differences that you have with them. Your responses should build on the original posts and the responses in a conversational way. Contribute to the discussion in a way that encourages others to reflect and engage with it. You can ask follow-up or clarifying questions within your discussion to spark more conversation. Since you are likely taking this course toward the end of your academic program, this may be one of your final opportunities to engage with your SNHU peers.

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