Posted: February 28th, 2023


Please see the attachment for detailed instructions on the assignment.

Macroeconomics – ECO101

Final Project Presentation

This course has a Final Project which is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

You can choose a topic from this semester or something you come up with yourself, but your presentation must be about economics and be original (ie not just material verbatim that you have pulled from your text/readings or off the internet). Of course, you can still insert charts, graphs, videos, graphics, and excerpts from outside sources (as long as you cite those sources!) I want to see your commentary and analysis, in your own words.

IMPORTANT: Copying the work of others and representing it as your own (ex. copy and paste off of the internet or your text, OR using someone else’s work and just changing a few words) is Plagiarism, a serious academic offense. I have enabled the Turnitin plagiarism checker for this assignment, to help you identify potential areas of plagiarism.  Papers that are substantially plagiarized will NOT be accepted for grading. 

Although the format is a PowerPoint, I want to emphasize that this is NOT like your typical PowerPoint, which is basically an outline for a live presentation.

This is more like a term paper.
Your project must be substantially loaded with original content. Please do not use special effects like transitions or voice-over audio. All of the content must be on the slides themselves (no speaker notes.)

The first slide should be your Introduction slide, the next 12 slides should be informational slides, the last slide should be the reference slide. Make sure you read and understand the rubrics (guidelines for grading) which I’ve included below.

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