Posted: February 28th, 2023


Week 6 Mindfulness Reflection Activity

1) Complete the week’s mindfulness concept(s) in Edapt found in the Explore section of the assigned weekly module before beginning reflection assignment. Videos that guide reflections are included in the Edapt concepts.

2) Using complete sentences, answer each of the following questions based on the mindfulness activity. Be sure to answer each question in a separate paragraph.

3) Include the following in the reflection (detailed criteria listed below and is also in the Grading Rubric):

a. Reflection – 24 points

· Answers the weekly reflection questions.

· Uses two specific examples from the video to support writing.

· Uses Standard English grammar and sentence structure (please use Grammarly if needed).

· Contains no more than 3 spelling or typographical errors.

· Writing demonstrates original thought without an over-reliance on the works of others.

Week 6 reflection:

· What kind of group does Tom discuss that can determine your success or failure?

· He, also, discusses “you will become the combined average of people you hang around most.” How many people does he suggest hanging around with?

· What are the three areas you and your “people” will experience together?

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