Posted: February 28th, 2023

Module five Sucess Stradery

SNHU offers many resources that you should use to help you fulfill your personal mission statement and achieve your goals. The people in your life can also be valuable in offering social support as you progress through your academic journey. Though it may not seem so at first, the resources in this assignment will offer you great value in your education. For instance, you may not become a journalist, but knowing how to write clearly is a vital skill in every career.


Locate and explore each of the three SNHU resources listed below, plus one of your choosing from this week’s resources. Summarize how you’ll use these resources to take actionable steps toward achieving your personal mission statement and short-term goals. Do the same for a social support in your life as well. Place your responses in the 

Module Five Activity Template


Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Navigate to the following SNHU resources and summarize specifically how each will or may assist you in achieving your personal mission statement and short-term goals:Academic Support Brightspace Module > Get Help with your Schoolwork > Written Feedback (from the writing center resource) Academic Support Brightspace Module > Shapiro LibrarySNHU Career Brightspace ModuleOne additional SNHU resource of your choosing
  • Include an example of a social support (friends, family, etc.) and summarize how it will also assist you in achieving your personal mission statement and goals

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