Posted: February 26th, 2023

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Answer the following questions and respond on two classmate’s posts

Discuss a marketer/brand you do business with that does a good job of Customer Relationship Management.  What do they do that effectively makes you feel bonded with that company?

Classmate 1

I’m initially from East TN, and a hugely popular fast food place is Pal’s Sudden Service. Pal’s is very well known for good-tasting food, fast service, friendly customer service, and cleanliness. Pal’s building is a bright blue box with large burgers, fries, and other menu items displayed at the front of the building. Pal’s does not have a dine-in area because it is strictly drive-through. I worked at Pal’s for almost two years in high school, and I saw firsthand why the company was a success. Pal’s put customers first in all regards because without the customers, there is no service. Pal’s has a unique menu that had specialty teas and unique names for all their food. To this day I still think of saying “Frenchie fry” or “Peachie Tea” because of my time working there. Pal’s also takes complaints very seriously. Anytime a customer had a bad experience or order, a refund, and free food was given. Customers love Pal’s and the great-tasting burgers and service. The company definitely puts customers first. Pal’s also did gift cards but they were in the form of paper cash called “Pal’s bucks.” Customers would always purchase these around holidays or special occasions for people. 

Not only were the products top-notch, but Pal’s also required the employees to be dressed very cleanly. I had to iron a crease into the sleeves of my blue-collar shirt for each shirt and always wear black socks and pants. Like Dutch Bros, Pal’s order taker and money collector were required to be hospitable and friendly to every customer. I worked the money side a lot, and a rule was that the window had to be always kept open whenever a customer was present.

Overall, Pal’s makes customers feel bonded to the company by implementing customer suggestions, offering a money-back guarantee, providing value to customers, and having unique ideas. 

Classmate 2

A place I have personally done business with and have gotten excellent customer service from would have to be Amazon. Some may feel that Amazon may not be their right choice on where to purchase specific items, but they have always been great for me. You get quick service, and most of the time, everything on their website is usually in stock. At some point last summer, I had ordered items for one of my friend’s birthdays to plan a surprise party for her. We were almost two weeks out until we left for the beach, so I wanted to order it in plenty of time to ensure everything came in. It was never delivered to my house when it was supposed to arrive. It was a nerve-wracking process that made me concerned that I could not get my friend’s stuff in on time before we left, especially if I tried to reorder the items. I gave it another twenty-four hours just in case they accidentally pressed delivered when they could not at that time. After another day had passed, I decided to call Amazon and go through the steps to contact a sales associate to help me with my problem. The woman I was able to talk to was very detailed-oriented about the process, asking what was in the package, the arrival date, if any other items could be missing, etc. She was about to get all my things reordered and shipped overnight for the inconvenience. It was a great experience and exceptional customer care from Amazon. After that, I knew that if there were ever a problem that occurred again, I would be well taken care of by them. It gives me confidence in Amazon that no matter what, they will care for the customers and strive for excellenct

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