Posted: February 27th, 2023

Music Assignment

Being a good listener is important no matter what path in life you take.  One of the best ways to “study” music is by repeated listening.  You probably have a favorite book, movie, or song you like to listen to over and over again. When you repeat that activity you are able to pick up on something you might have missed the first time.  It is through repeated encounters that we gain familiarity and appreciation.

How to listen

1st time: Actively listen to the piece. Be Still and Be Quiet, No distractions!

2nd time: Listen and follow along with the provided listening guide from the module.

Next: Think about questions in your journal entry from what you have just heard

3rd time: Listen and fill out the entry form below while listening and reflecting.  

Rules and Requirements for Journal

1. You will need to fill out 4 separate journal entries from the list below.

(Blank Journal Entry Form)

  1. Focus Compositions of the Renaissance  4 must be from the Focus compositions or listening guides in this module. 

     “Tu Se Morta” (“You are dead”) from Orfeo, by Claudio Monteverdi
     Sonata pian e forte for 8 parts, C. 176 from Sacrae Symphoniae, by Giovanni Gabrielli
    The first movement of Spring from The Four Seasons, by Antonio Vivaldi
     “Hallelujah” from Messiah, by George Frideric Handel
     Alla Hornpipe, Bourée, or Minuet from Water Music, by George Frideric Handel
     Organ Fugue in G Minor (BWR 578), by Johann Sebastian Bach

B. Journal Entry: In each Journal entry fill out the following information

  • Composer: 

  • Composition: 

  • Time Period: 

  • Genre: 

  • Purpose of the piece or what is the piece about

  • Reflection: See directions “C” below on how to answer each prompt. 
  • C.  Answer at least 3 of the reflection prompts. Back up your reflection using musical terms and musical examples (what are the melody, voices doing). Points will be taken off if you just answer the question in a bullet point without explaining or giving music examples of what led you to your answer. Each prompt should be at least 3 sentences. 

    • What is the main message or mood of this music, based on your listening experience?
    • Which music aspects work together to provide the message you heard?
    • What changes seem to happen as the music moves forward? In these changes, what things do you notice about the message of the music?
    • Do any of the changing music elements add to the emotion you feel in this music or the message, mood, idea, or storyline?
    • Does the music remind you of anything? Back up with musical examples

    2. Click

    Terms to use

     Download Terms to use

    for more examples of using terms when reflecting on the music. Also see Modules 1-3 for more terms to use when reflecting on the music. 

    3. You will have up to 2 attempts and can resubmit. See rubric for grading.

    Example:  Use for each Journal entry

    Composer: Haydn 

    Composition: String Quartet in D major, Op. 20, no. 4 (I: Allegro di molto)

    Time Period:  Classical

    Genre: string quartet

    Purpose of the piece or what is the piece about: (Is there a purpose, was it written for something or about something?): 

    The string quartet was written for entertainment.  It is designed for a small more intimate feel between musicians and the audience. 

    Student example #:


    The student rephrased the prompt and combined all 3 prompts

    “The overall mood of this the Song of Mary is energetic, which is why it is my favorite piece in this module. This monophonic song uses a narrow-ranged melody with plenty of repetitive rhythms. There were many instruments used throughout such as the drums, zither, lute, and fiddles that all helped increase the energy. This song also has a more complex form that uses a two-lined chorus called a refrain and then eight four-lined strophes. The faster tempo and many uses of crescendo throughout also contribute to the mood. As the music moves forward a change in who is singing happens multiple times. At times only the men are singing, then only women, and sometimes they are both singing in unison. This music reminds me of music that may be heard at an Irish Festival. This type of music also uses similar instruments that were used in the Song of Mary such as the fiddle, guitar, flute and etc. This type of music typically has the same faster tempo with an energetic mood.- I attached a piece that reminded me of below-


    Student Example #2: You will notice that they did not use the same amount of musical terms but I can tell in all of these examples the student listened to the music and backed up their answer with what they heard.

    Which music aspects work together to provide the message you heard?
    “The a capella in this piece is mostly monophonic, bringing a sense of togetherness and adding an almost angelic sound to the singing. The conjunct melody makes it very easy to listen to making everything flow very smoothly. It is a very pleasing song to listen to that is easy on the ear.”

    What is the main message or mood of this music, based on your listening experience?
    “The mood seems to be a bit more uplifting than other religious songs that I have heard. This is
    likely due to the faster moving higher voices that blend well with the lower-octave voices. I
    believe this is to add to the message of being thankful to God and that singing is joyful
    to be worshipping Him.”

    What changes seem to happen as the music moves forward? In these changes, what things do
    Do you notice about the message of the music?
    “As the piece goes on, the different parts go from singing different melodies that at times come
    together in a harmony and then separate again throughout the piece. I believe this in itself adds
    to the message of praising God and bringing people together to do so. It adds to the message of
    being joyful to be there and keeps things interesting.”

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