Posted: February 28th, 2023

nervous system related condition/ disease

 Let’s find a current example of a disease / condition outside of class. There are many.  1) Search news articles for an example of a nervous system related condition/ disease. IT MUST BE CURRENT (WITHIN THE LAST MONTH). You can try a google news search for a particular disease or even combine a few terms from the chapter.   Make sure the article you go with is about a nervous system disease / condition (not one that just mentions it).  You will be discussing the science in the article, so it would be good if there was some science in it.   **In your post, WRITE THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE and POST A LINK TO THE ARTICLE **  2) Briefly summarize what the article is about. Just a few sentences should work (grammar counts).   3) Briefly talk about the science in the article. 

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