Posted: February 26th, 2023

NSG5000 – Week 4 Project


Please find the instructions attached.



APN Practice

Using the South University Library do a search and find at least three (3) research article addressing the questions:

· Describe how APN practice demonstrates cost-effectiveness.

· Describe how APN practice can influence reduction in errors.

· Describes how APN practice effects misuse or overuse of services.

· Support responses with examples and at least 3 peer review articles.

Submission Details:

· This will be a 2-4 page paper (excluding the title page and references).

· Literature support is required and points are assigned.

· Peer reviewed articles that are non-research and nursing organization websites may be used. All articles must be current (not more than five years old, unless it is a hallmark reference; e.g., Institute of Medicine (IOM) (2010). 
The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.

· Format your paper, citations, and references using correct APA Style.

· Submit your document to the 
Submissions Area by 
the due date assigned.

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