Posted: February 28th, 2023

Nurs 8310 week 6: Discussion 2: Appraising the Literature


Discussion 2: Appraising the Literature

For the DNP-prepared nurse, it is important to hone skills related to reviewing and evaluating research literature to implement evidence-based practices. As you examine epidemiological research, in particular, it is essential to ask, “What are the strengths and weakness of the research method(s)? Are the data analysis and interpretation sound? Is there any evidence of bias?” This Discussion provides you and your colleagues valuable practice in critically analyzing research literature.

To prepare:

· With this week’s Learning Resources in mind, reflect on the importance of analyzing epidemiological research studies.

· Critically appraise the Oppenheimer (2010) and Elliott, Smith, Penny, Smith and Chambers (1999) articles presented in the Learning Resources using Appendix A in Epidemiology for Public Health Practice as a guide.

· Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the research methods and data analysis of each study.

· Ask yourself, “Is any bias evident in either study? What did the researchers do to control for potential bias?”

· Finally, consider the importance of data interpretation in epidemiologic literature and the issues that may arise if potential confounding factors are not considered.

By Day 5

Post a cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following:

· Appraise the Oppenheimer (2010) and Elliott et al. (1999) articles, summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of each study.

· Analyze potential sources of bias in each study, and suggest strategies for minimizing bias.

· Suggest possible confounding variables that may have influenced the results of each study.

· 2 pages in APA and cite at least 3 sources of the given sources

Mores sources. Open the links\

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