Posted: February 26th, 2023

opperations and supply


Content: Develop and write an operations plan for any business venture that you may want to undertake to glorify and honor God. Be specific of the purpose, and the plan shall trace product/ service development from production/inception to the market environment. Describe how the product or service will be produced/ delivered.  If you chose a product, its production process should be discussed in detail.  Some important components of the plan will include the following: product/service description, location, cost effective production/service method(s), facility layout, Materials Requirement Plan (includes master production schedule, bill of materials, lead time), logistics and supply chain, quality control, key personnel and organization chart, legal requirements, future expansion, and significant biblical principles for its operational success. 

   This operational plan can be part of your own business plan in the future. If you chose an existing business, you must have a key decision-making role in that company.

Format:  The plan should be appropriately organized to clearly outline and describe the items mentioned above in the Content section, and should be 3000 words in length. The attached operations template provided can be used for this project.

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