Posted: February 27th, 2023

Organizational Behavior



In your own words describe in detail the following terms:

Organizational design
Organizational structure,
Organizational chart,


Question 2
List and describe three different types of organizational cultures. When would
each be most and least effective for a research and development company
dependent on employee innovation?
Three types of organizational culture are power culture which


Question 3
In order to increase the chances of successful organization change and development,
it is useful to consider seven keys to managing change in organizations.
After reading Chapter 16 of the textbook, list and describe in your own words the
seven keys.

Additional content

These questions are based on Chapters 14&15&16 of the textbook. Read the textbook carefully

and then proceed to answer them. Do not copy and paste answers, and do not google answers.

Remember that Essay questions need lengthy substantial Essay type answers, not quick 1-2

sentence answers.

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