Posted: February 27th, 2023

Organizational Behavior


Exercise Content


Keystone Assignment. Critical Thinking exercise (SL12 – C04):

Numi Organic Tea: Danielle Oviedo

After carefully reading the case write a summary of the case and answer the following

1. How would you describe Danielle Oviedo’s approach to leadership?
2. What would you predict about Danielle’s future success as a leader? Why?
3. In what ways, if any, does Danielle function as a coach?
Write a minimum 2-page report and use APA 7 Format.

Numi Organic Tea: Danielle Oviedo
Summary: When Danielle Oviedo showed up for her first day as the manager of the Distribution
Center at Numi Organic Tea in Oakland, California, her new direct reports were not happy about
the change. They loved Oviedo’s predecessor, who was more like a friend than a boss to them.
Danielle was hired because of her effectiveness and success as a manager in previous positions.
She also had experience leading much bigger teams in similar departments. Prior to Danielle’s
arrival, lead times for Numi’s customer orders were not competitive. Upon her arrival at Numi,
Danielle identified the problem: employees were performing tasks in isolation with little
attention to anything else. To solve the issue, Danielle trained the Distribution Center employees
in every critical task and process, explaining how all the pieces fit together. Importantly,
Danielle helped her team understand their jobs on a conceptual level so they could see how their
work linked directly to Numi’s larger goals. Unlike old-school managers who hide in their offices
and manage employees from afar, Danielle is out on the floor working with teammates, ensuring
they understand the process, and being supportive.

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