Posted: March 12th, 2023

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This assignment is intended to help you learn to analyze security and privacy aspects of a social network use policy of an organization.


Today, almost every organization has social media accounts. There are many security and privacy concerns related to social media. Most organizations have policies dictating how to use social media. Review either your organization’s policy or find a similar policy.

The Scenario

Imagine you are a cybersecurity expert tasked with reviewing and improving your company’s privacy and security policies as they apply to social media. Research and write a 2-3 page business brief sharing your evaluation and recommendations. Your audience for this brief is C-Suite (company leadership). They have some technical knowledge but will need your guidance to understand the implications of your recommendations.


Review Inasi et al. (2011),

Chapter 1, The Social Media Security Process, all sectionsLinks to an external site.

. Conduct addition research about best practices companies should use when creating security and privacy aspects of a social network use policy.


Include three sections: Introduction, body, and conclusion. Follow the general guidelines of

this exampleLinks to an external site.

. Answer the kinds of questions your leadership is likely to ask:

· How are privacy and security issues handled in our current policy?

· What are the strongest and weakest elements of the policy in terms of privacy and security? Explain your evaluation.

· What changes do you recommend? Why?


APA’s general guidelines formattingLinks to an external site.

the paper.

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