Posted: February 26th, 2023



                                                    PAPER #4 FORMAT

                                               (4-6 double-spaced pages)

Paper  #4 will be a researched paper (4-6 double spaced pages) at the micro-level on two different academic program accrediting agencies. This paper is to compare and contrast the two different academic accrediting agencies.  The two accrediting agencies will be selected by the individual student  .

Paper Format (As per the UofC Dissertation and Case Study Handbook)

Title Page

Chapter I.  Introduction

—  This is where you present a short summary on the importance of your selected topic and a short summary of the results of you topic

Chapter II.  Literature Review

—  This where you will summarize the information and data from your references

Chapter III.  Analysis

—  This is where you provide your own analysis of your topic anchored in fact and reason

Chapter IV.  Summary

—  Summarize the meaning of your analysis

Reference Page

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