Posted: March 12th, 2023

part1 assignment

Please provide your answers in Times New Roman, 12-point type and double spaced.


Chapter 49
– Please review the introductory scenario that is provided at the top of page 49-1 of Chapter 49 pertaining to the Sherman Act. Review Chapter 49 and answer the questions at the end of the paragraph. Please answer these questions fully, providing a complete discussion of the Sherman Act before answering the questions.


Chapter 48

1. Go to the Federal Trade Commission website at


2. The FTC’s most important goal is stated on its website, “Protecting America’s Consumers.” Click on the “About the FTC” link. Then click on “Learn More about the FTC.” Review the information on this page and the FTC organization chart (link at bottom of page).


Please use the information in Chapter 48 of your textbook and the information found on the FTC website to answer the following questions.

1. Please answer these questions as you discuss the FTC and its role in the US government and the US economy.

The FTC is a federal administrative agency. (a) What is an administration agency, and what is the role of an administrative agency in the federal government (and in state governments)?

(b) What type of administration agency is the FTC? (c) Does the FTC report to an Executive Branch Cabinet level position? (d) What impact does this play on how the FTC functions (how independent is the FTC in its rulemaking?)?

2. What are the Strategic Goals of the FTC, and how does the FTC benefit consumers?

3. What makes the FTC unique? (It is the only federal agency with jurisdiction over both of these two areas.)

4. After answering the questions above, go to the FTC landing page again and click on the Enforcement tab at the top of the page. Then, scroll down and click on “Recent FTC Cases Resulting in Refunds.” Choose an item from the list of 2022 cases and provide a short summary of the issue in the case and why the FTC became involved in the case.

Chapter 48

Please use Chapter 48 of your textbook and the information found on the CFPB website to answer the following questions.

1. Go to


2. Go to the bottom of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau page and click on “About us.”

3. Then click on “Learn More about the CFPB and answer the following questions. (a) As the CFPB works to achieve its mission, what 3 things does the agency work to accomplish? Discuss.

(b) Please list the CFPB’s core functions.

4. Go to the “About Us” page and click on “Find out about our work to protect consumers.” Read about the CFPB Civil Penalty Fund. Then, click on “What’s ahead for Wells Fargo and its customers.” Provide a short summary of types of customer accounts that are affected by the December 2022 fine on Wells Fargo, and how Wells Fargo is being fined for their actions to each of these types of accounts. Also, identify the process customers need to follow to pursue a benefit from this CFPB action.

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