Posted: February 26th, 2023

Peer Response 2

1. Meaningfully respond to your classmate (i.e., Don’t just say “I agree” or “Great post.”). Respond in a way that will encourage further discussion.

1. Ask a relevant question in your response to your classmate. If needed, review the 

Writing Open-Ended Questions Links to an external site.

resource provided by the Writing Center.


Week 1 Discussion: What does an Instructional Designer do?

Develop a one- to two-sentence description you could give if asked what an instructional designer does.

An instructional designer partners with subject matter experts for the content to develop instructional materials. Instructional designers utilize theory strategies and physical tools to develop the materials to cater to different styles.

Describe at least two ideas shared in both the videos with the same name 

What Does an Instructional Designer Do

 Links to an external site.

by Stankov (2016) and

What Does an Instructional Designer Do?

 Links to an external site.

by Erika (2017) that appeal to you, and state why these ideas are appealing.

Both videos explain how an Instructional Designer develops instructional materials using theories, physical tools, and partnership with content experts. It was interesting to hear in both videos, the instructional designer may not be the expert not be content, it comes down to communication skills with the subject matter expert and the ID to understand how to take the content and create a packet to deliver to multiple type of learning styles. 

Using the principles and vocabulary associated with types of instructional design in the Week 1 Resources, explain how instructional design practice varies across industries.

Instructional design is found in so many different industries. Each industry will have different required standards that need to be met for their team to be trained or certified in. It is important for IDs to stay on top of the most current regulations for the industry they are working in. For example, OSHA standards are important to stay updated to date especially when training leads to certifying individuals to operate heavy machinery. 

-Dana M.


Brown, A. H., & Green, T. D. (2020). 

The essentials of instructional design: Connecting fundamental principles with process and practice

 (4th ed.). Routledge

McCabe, S. (2017, July 15). 
What Does an Instructional Designer Do? [Video]. YouTube. to an external site.

Stankov, S. (2016, March 6). 
What does an instructional designer do? [Video]. YouTube. to an external site.


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