Posted: February 28th, 2023

Peer Response 2

To receive full participation credit, you should

· Meaningfully respond to your classmate (i.e., Don’t just say, “I agree,” or “Great post.”). Respond in a way that will encourage further discussion.

· Ask a relevant question
in your response to your classmate. If needed, review the 

Writing Open-Ended Questions

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 resource provided by the Writing Center.


From this week’s reading, there was a lot of information given about different learning theories and what they do. The behaviorist learning theory is going through how someone acts. Cognitive learning theory is how people think. Constructivist learning theory is how people understand their experiences (Brown & Green, 2020). Social learning theory is how people interact with each other. Each of these theories are similar to each other because they all involve some sort of interaction. As instructional designers, we want to look at everything when it comes to similarities and differences, and how to make the people we are instructing learn and be able to progress and understand what we are designing. Each of these theories would and should. influence on how one goes about designing instruction. 

For behaviorism, one might put their design in a way that would challenge someone, to bring them out of their comfort zone just to see how they react so they could study that behavior. Much like in my current job, I push my behavior clients to do things for just a little longer than the last time I would work with them just so they can see themselves progress, but also, I know their limits are extending. This can also tie into cognitive, while my clients are doing certain things, I will ask questions; “How does this make you feel?” or “Are you doing okay?” and allow my client to stop and think about what they are doing, then go back to what they were doing. Sometimes this also triggers the behavior because of the interruption of process. 

As for constructivism and socialism, the way I would design these would be like I mentioned in the other post, with an art class. These two-go hand in hand because even if you don’t want to be, it’s best to be social for constructivism. With people understanding their own experiences, it can help with the socialist theory by allowing people to talk about their experiences and then building a foundation upon that. 

The theory I best resonate with is the behaviorist theory. The reason being is because I observe a lot not only at work, but at home. I also observe here in college even though it is more reading. I like to see how people write and how they word things with full observation.

Paige C. 


Brown, A. H., & Green, T. D. (2020). 

The essentials of instructional design: Connecting fundamental principles with process and practice

 (4th ed.). Routledge.

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