Posted: February 26th, 2023

Peer Response 2

1. Meaningfully respond to your classmate (i.e., Don’t just say, “I agree,” or “Great post.”). Respond in a way that will encourage further discussion.


Hello new classmates and Instructor Buss.

I purchased a Google Chromebook for school, and I have much still to figure out regarding its features.  Until I learn how to create a video, here is a little about me.  My name is Christina Archer, and I live in Columbus, Ohio.  I have been married for six years and am the momma of two fur babies, our cats, Eddie and Snowflake.  My spouse and I started at UAGC together on September 27, 2022.  I enjoy spending time with family, cooking, playing board games, making jewelry with beads, and traveling in my spare time.  Last year I became fascinated with Tik Tok organization videos, which inspired a total reorganization of my house.  I have two closets left to reorganize, and I will be finished.  Oh, did I mention I am a die-hard, bleed scarlet and gray, The Ohio State University fan, especially football?

I currently work for the country’s largest Third-Party Administrator of FMLA and Short-term Disability Leaves.  My program is dedicated to the company’s largest client, and my department handles their hourly employees’ requests for a leave of absence.  I am one of three Training Coordinators for the Hourly Leave of Absence department of approximately 400 employees.  I train both new hires and existing employees on all aspects of their job.  Yesterday marked precisely four and a half years in my current role.  Today, I accepted a promotion to a Training Specialist within my program’s Training Department.  I currently am a trainer for my specific department’s line of business.  I am moving into the Training Department for the entire program in my new role.  I am so incredibly excited, as training/teaching is my passion.  My professional goal is to become a Training Department Manager in which I can mentor trainers and develop training content.  My training experience is in-person and virtual, and I am very excited to start taking instructional design classes.  

I have returned to college after a 12-year hiatus in which I was previously studying Early Childhood Development.  I am that student who has so many credits I should have already graduated, but I don’t have enough credits in any particular major.  I originally started my college career studying accounting.  Many years later, I am back in school doing this for me and learning what I want to study, with no outside influences, just my desire and passion for teaching.

Regarding my skills compared to O*Net’s listing, the area I have to learn and develop is technology.  I have little experience with many design tools; however, I am a quick learner.  Regarding purchasing a Chromebook, I would like to know if it will have the capability needed for this degree.  Any insight on this will be greatly appreciated!

Finally, on the topic of plagiarism:

· Per the UAGC Writing Center, paraphrasing is common in academic writing.    It allows the writer to explain the words/writings of others to your reader as it relates to your topic and thesis.

· Three ways to avoid plagiarism are using Turnitin, in-text citations and the formatting style required for the assignment, and not reusing work used in a previous class.

· Turnitin is a great tool I use when submitting all of my assignments.  This tool reviews your work and checks it for plagiarism or duplication of other work submitted to Turnitin.  It can reduce the amount of quoted text to allow you to use more of your original thoughts.

I look forward to meeting you all and this class.

-Christina Archer

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