Posted: February 26th, 2023

PH -6


Question #1. Go to the Website

Then, on the Sources of Exposure section. There, you would be able to see the source of exposures. Pick one Sources of Exposure the most interest to you and click on the link to open the interactive reference. Choose a location and provide a review of the different type of environmental concerns and chemical contaminants. Note: Be sure to explain the source of chemical exposure, as well as any strategies to minimize or eliminate exposure.

Question #2. Go to the Website Links to an external site.

  Links to an external site.


and then select Virginia

. Choose one of the Superfund sites on the list and provide a brief summary of the site. Discuss any noted community involvement in the discovery or cleanup of the site. Note: Be sure to include a discussion of remediation strategies, as well as the current stage of cleanup at the site.

HINT : Go this website

and then select Virginia

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