Posted: February 28th, 2023

Please see attachment

Please see attachment. Answer each question individually. three questions page each question must include a reference


planned organizational change can follow either the evolutionary model or the revolutionary model of change. Discuss the main features of each model. When would a manager follow one model instead of the other? Which of these have you experienced?


This option of the discussion includes several steps. Please complete the following steps and write an initial post answering the questions:

· Go to the following website:

Kaiser Family Foundation COVID-19 Dashboard

· Click on the Vaccines tab at the top of the map

· Explore the map for the total number of vaccinated individuals in the United States

· Find your state (NC) and take note of the number of people vaccinated in your state and the share of people vaccinated in your state

· Now pick another state to compare and take note of the same statistics

· Why do you think that there is a difference in the number of vaccinated individuals in the states that you explored?

· Would this information be important to policymakers? Why or why not?

· This map is an interactive data map. The data is presented in a way that is easier for many to understand than when it is just in a data table. Is it important to share large quantitative data sets with interactive or interesting graphics like this map or do you believe that this is not an important step in the data sharing process? There are no wrong answers here.


· How do you define love?

· Are we born with the ability to love or does it develop over time?

· After reviewing all of the theories, please indicate what theory makes the most sense to you and why?

· In your own words describe intimacy and explain what keeps people from achieving it.

· How do you develop and sustain it within a family?

Make sure you provide factual information to support your answer.


Building strong thesis statements is the first step to creating strong essays. They are like maps or GPS systems for outlining the whole essay.

· Choose one of the broad topics from the list below. You will write on this topic in the
Discussions. This is 
not the topic, however, for the essay in the
In other words, we are building two different essays: one in the Discussions, and one in the Assignments

· the impact of immigration on a society

· the effects of the Civil Rights Movement in the US

· a scientific discovery that changed society 

· the effects of book banning on society

· the downside of mandating uniforms in high school

· the effects of technology on society

· the influence of art on society

· the impact of film on society

· the need for environmental activists

· the need for people to work in the trades

· Refine your chosen topic to something manageable; it is impossible, for example, to write all there is to know about music.

Too broad: Many musicians have had a great influence on history.

Refined: Beethoven’s accomplishments as a musician, his loss of hearing, and his continued influence on today’s music make him one of the finest composers of all time.

· Spend a little time researching your refined topic. Go to the APUS Trefry Library or

Google Scholar.

· Write a thesis statement that includes the 
refined topic + argument/assertion + 3-point essay map.

· Post your thesis statement to this discussion.

· Critique the thesis statements of your peers. 

· Do you see three clear parts?

· Do you see the three points of the essay map?

· Are any of the points too similar (each point should be a separate idea)?

· Do you have questions about the topic?

· Did you find any research on the topic (this will benefit your classmate and be good research practice for you :))?


Please address each of the following questions in regard to establishing locations for sports events.

1. Briefly describe how to select the best bid when planning a sporting event in your current city.

2. What strategies are involved in this process of event bidding?

3. What is important to know about the surrounding area?

4. Also, please explain what is meant by a feasibility study.

5. Finally, if you were planning an event in the largest city near where you currently live, how would you incorporate local sport related partnerships with places such as sports commissions or sport teams?


Please define target marketing and describe how sport marketers determine one or more target markets for a sport business. Then, define positioning and describe how to develop a positioning strategy for a produce and a consumer market. Lastly, select an existing sport product in the industry (examples include sports equipment and sporting events) and briefly describe what target market fits best and how you would position this product in the sports industry to maximize marketability.


Review your extensive list of resources gathered and concepts learned throughout the course in the areas of: Sport’s History, Sport Sociology, physiology and kinesology, sport psychology, sport policy, sport management, and athlete development models. 

As you progress through your masters program, how will you develop your skill set within each of these areas?

Why do you feel specific areas need development?  Why do you feel specific areas are adequate? 

Looking at other coaches in your sport, where do most need development?


Hypothesize which government agency you would approach to get assistance with your technological innovation and why. Is there an agency, bureau, special interest group, lobby, or affinity organization that you might approach to help with your cause? Why would they be interested in helping you; what’s in it for them?   

Using the Wallace Sayre Model of Decision Making in Government from the Lesson, determine the government agencies you would approach and their “hot button” issues and concerns. How does your innovation help them solve these pressing issues? Can you pivot to redirect your efforts to assist the government and is it worth the trouble?


Conduct research on specific business strategies and evaluate the rationale behind a specific business strategy used by a business organization. Evaluate the business decision based upon your appraisal of industry conditions and the internal competitive position of the organization.


Please describe a product you like that you believe more people should purchase. As a marketer, how would you reposition the product in the customer’s mind to increase its purchase? Outline your strategy. Create a new tagline for this product.


Think about the challenges you have encountered and the things you have done to overcome them in your life, your career, and in school.  Review the objectives of this course and think about your progress in PHIL110.  Share how your views of critical thinking have changed, how you see yourself applying the tools learned in the class, how your thinking has possibly changed, and the most valuable takeaways you have gained.


This week we are discussing the topic of ethics and morality when it comes to human sexuality.  With that in mind, please choose one of these two topics: Prostitution or Pornography  which many consider a moral issue.  

Read the required reading:
Ethical Decision Making and then apply the Ethical Problem Solving Model to your topic answering the 5 questions. Please see the model outlined below. 

Ethical Problem Solving Model 

Answer the five questions when trying to resolve a moral issue: 

1. What benefits and what harms will each course of action produce, and which alternative will lead to the best overall consequences? 

2. What moral rights do the affected parties have, and which course of action best respects those rights? 

3. Which course of action treats everyone the same, except where there is a morally justifiable reason not to, and does not show favoritism or discrimination? 

4. Which course of action advances the common good? 

5. Which course of action develops moral virtues? 

Remember that all situations are unique and not one set of rules applies in all cases. (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks, & Meyer, 2015) 

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