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Principles of Marketing questions

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 Phase 3: Prepare to present the findings

Present findings and final report and PowerPoint presentation.

Based on information collected by class write a one page paper in MLA format developing marketing strategies to be employed in the coming period by ADT. These strategies will include promotional strategies, advertising, and other marketing tools at the disposal of ADT.

ADT Research Data

ADT Marketing Project Phase 2
Some challenges and needs that minority communities in regard to feeling secure are
being able to afford some of the technology. I have seen apps where you can unlock and lock
your door with the touch of a button off of your phone. You can also watch who is at your front
door and control lights and other things. These are all good ideas and they could help people feel
more secure and safe in their community. But one of the challenges can be money. These are
very expensive to have. It is understandable why the prices are high because it is high in
technology. But there should also be another alternative so that people everywhere can afford it.
Needs that I think could be met is having something for pre-teens. Something that is
simple for all ages. Some ages from 10-14 years old are left alone at home and most of them
have no choice but to stay home alone because of a single household or other issues. But if they
are home they should feel safe while they are in their home. So I think that there should be
something that is easily accessible for them. Also even for older people because some security
systems are complicated and are a hassle to deal with so I think it should be an improvement
with making things simple for all ages to access. This will help a little with people feeling safe
and secure in their homes.

ADT Marketing Project Phase 2
In predominately minority communities, there is often a notion of high-volume crime
activity. Specifically in Tuscaloosa, the majority minority communities are in areas where there
is less economic development, resources, and increased police presence. Minority communities
are often challenged with lacking a sense of security equally while at home and away from
home. Home burglaries for example, is something that was mentioned amongst all testimonials.
Some participants did not even feel as if having some form of home security would prevent their
home from being targeted.
Putting out focus on increased smart home technology, this may be feasible for home.

However, from an economic perspective, it may be hard for those living on a fixed income to
purchase and maintain their home security system. One way ADT can increase visibility of their
products is offering a family plan. For example, 1-2 devices linked to one account. A daughter
may have an exterior camera and her elderly mother may have an interior camera. This would
give the daughter a more peace of mind knowing that the inside of her mother’s home is visible.
Not just for crime purposes, but in the event an accident occurred.
I believe one way ADT can communicate with minority communities is making sure their
products match the reality of those living in minority communities. For example, having a
Childs 2
representative scout the community on a random day to get a feel of how the community
interacts. Then the representative will be able to use that data by hosting an ADT “open house”
to present their findings. Minority communities want products that align with the everyday
challenges that they face.

An item or system for home security is owned by 38% of households. 18.2 percent of
homeowners have a security camera or video doorbell, making cameras the most popular home
security item. The second most popular choice, owned by 16.2 percent, is a professionally
monitored home security system. A total of 21.9 percent of home security owners identified an
incident such a move, break-in, or attempted break-in as their primary stimulant, compared to
49.6 percent who cited a general desire for improved protection as the driving force behind their
purchase(s). The main deterrent to home security ownership, according to 33.3 percent of non-
owners, is cost. Because they think their area is safe, 20.3 percent of people don’t own home
security equipment, and 17.8 percent think their house is secure enough without them. You
would undoubtedly gain a lot from clever climate-control technology. For instance, using those
climate-control products at home can greatly improve your comfort.
Learn more about the market’s popularity of smart climate-control products. Over 70% of
respondents to the poll indicated that they install climate-control equipment to increase their
personal or their family members’ comfort. 68% of individuals simply want to use less energy.
41% of users install the gadgets so they can keep an eye on their houses when they’re away from

them. Choosing the best security system for your house is a huge decision, whether you choose a
professionally installed system or a DIY setup. There is no shortage of choices, from hassle-free,
professional monitoring services from ADT, Vivint, and others to highly configurable DIY
solutions offered by companies like Ring, SimpliSafe, and Wyze.
More internet-connected devices, including interior and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, and
smart locks, are being produced as a result of increased competition in the home security sector.
Additionally, it introduces new weaknesses, increasing the possibility of hacking. There is a lot
to consider, and modern home security companies don’t always make it simple to compare

An item or system for home security is owned by 38% of households. 18.2 percent of
homeowners have a security camera or video doorbell, making cameras the most popular home
security item. The second most popular choice, owned by 16.2 percent of consumers, is a
professionally monitored home security system. A total of 21.9 percent of home security owners
identified an incident such as a move, break-in, or attempted break-in as their primary stimulant,
compared to 49.6 percent who cited a general desire for improved protection as the driving force
behind their purchase(s). The main deterrent to home security ownership, according to 33.3
percent of non-owners, is cost. Because they feel their area is secure, 20.3 percent of people don’t
own home security equipment; 17.8 percent think their house is secure enough without it.
Despite the ways that diverse leadership benefits corporate culture and sales, minorities remain
underrepresented in top cybersecurity posts. The startup industry, where minority entrepreneurs
hold leadership and decision-making positions, is one area of possibility. However, when
minorities in cybersecurity pursue their own firms, the restrictions still exist. Since its launch,
approximately 900,000 service appointments—or more than 40% of all appointments—have
been done virtually, demonstrating Virtual Assistance’s enduring popularity with clients.
Minorities will undoubtedly continue to feel safer if they keep doing this. ADT Home Security
was rated as the finest all-around home security system with a 9.1 out of 10. It runs the largest
nationwide network of specialized monitoring centers and provides consumers with a six-month
money-back guarantee, which ought to have an impact on minorities as well. Because any other

Farris 2
security system is inferior to this one, I believe that statement would appeal to more of my
people with only that knowledge.
ADT Marketing Project Phase 2
In this day and time, security is basically a necessity. The times that we live in crime is at a all
time high. I think the challenges that the minority communities are facing is the pricing. We all know
that technology isn’t cheap but in order to stay safe and secure we all need some type of security. I
when we speak of a smart home and mobility solutions, there are several things that has been put in
place to assure that our communities are safe and secure. Smart homes and mobility have given us
access to voice commanded doors that let you know when someone is entering and leaving your home.
This helps with burglary. Smart homes are also equipped with many security cameras that are places
around the home and may even cover your street for a visual of possible intruders. Technology is so
advanced now that you can operated it all by the touch of your mobile devices or computers.
ADT can evolve their products and services by making them affordable by minority
communities. I think this is where their products would be used the most and their brand would profit
tremendously from this community. Being that the minority communities aren’t afforded the
of today, I think ADT could make their apps more user friendly to assist them with the use of the
product. It would help them out a lot if they would be able to use the services by visiting one main panel
to navigate the product rather than having to go to different locations for different functions of the
The basic needs for the minority communities to feel safe would be the affordability of the
product. Being that these are minority communities, I think the products should cater to just that. I
think if the products are made more affordable, they would get more sales from those communities and
they would be able to police their neighborhoods, and this would cut down on lots of crime.

ADT Marketing Project Phase 2
ADT has a wide variety of home security products and services to offer. Their products

include home security systems, smart security cameras, life safety alarms, and smart home
automation via mobile device. ADT also provides services outside of home security. They offer
mobile security for a person’s own safety, as well as protection against identity theft. Bringing in
a competitor, SimpliSafe, both companies seem to have around the same amount of products.
ADT, however, has safety systems outside of home security. These are the life safety alarms and
identity theft protection. However, when compared to its competitors, ADT tends to be on the
pricier side. It has also been stated that the app is a bit awkward to use and that requirement of a
contract is undesirable.
People in minority communities deserve home security just as much as those outside of
these communities, if not more. People in these marginalized groups tend to be at higher risk of
danger simply because of their physical features. There are many examples in history, old and
recent, that prove this. There are many people in minority communities who may feel as though
they are at higher risk to do basic tasks in their own neighborhoods.
A possible suggestion for how ADT may improve their services would be to make it
more affordable. Due to the way that our economic system was built and the way that it still
operates, many minority groups are at a financial disadvantage. ADT can also make the app
more user friendly with better organization. ADT can also regularly issue surveys in order to
Kennedy 2
communicate with minority communities and gather useful information about whether or not
they feel secure

ADT Phase 2
The ADT security company is not directed towards minority communities, and they are
looking to do so soon. They hope to increase their users of home security system into more
minority communities and have asked ways to do so. In this paper I will discuss different ways to
which ADT can help to reach more minority communities in the near future.
During my research of this project, I’ve learned that the main needs and challenges faced
by minority communities is with them wanting to feel safe in there homes and in their
communities. One challenge that I came across was the ability to purchase these systems, due to

the incomes. One way that ADT could serve minority communities is possible have a deal with
minorities to where they can receive different benefits to where it is easier for them to get a home
security system. Another way that ADT can easily reach minority communities is by having a
minority from their business go out and talk about the different ideas and ways that they are
improving to reach out and gain more minority communities, this will help grab their interest.
Lastly I believe would be the best outcome is by doing sample home security systems for sort
period to where it is free to the customer. This way they can target minority communities and
they can show how their systems work and the positive outcomes that will come from this. This
will help build relationships and will easily spread more business to minority communities.

Phase 2 Marketing Project
What are the needs and challenges specifically faced by minority communities in feeling
secure that can be solved through smart home and mobility solutions? I think all homes
need some sort of camera ring or something to record activity outside the home.
Unfortunately, not all homes are built for this especially in minority neighborhoods and
or has the technology to accommodate. I think maybe ADT could assist where if the
technology is stolen it locks up and does not work or maybe somehow a back up is
activated or notifies someone should something happen to the camera, or security
device. I am thinking the cost may hinder minority communities from getting. It just
may cost too much to be safe. Also, the devices would be cumbersome to older
minorities. They may not be as tech savvy or have the funds to get this. I think some
sort of plan needs to be focused on the elderly. Something user friendly so it would not
be a hassle to utilize.
Research new ways for ADT to evolve their Products & Services as well as App
features to better serve the needs of minority communities within the next two months.
User Friendly apps.
Cost and affordability and
Something for senior citizens that would require less knowledge of technology
that is simple but effective.

Possibly something that would assist should a health issue arise.
In what ways can ADT make it easier for the ADT to communicate with minority
communities in regard to feeling secure at home by using smart home and mobility
solutions? ADT can send emails or text to homeowners. Usually people tend to have
smart phones and maybe just like our school send daily academic reminders, maybe
they can send emails with status of home and maybe monthly neighborhood safety
check ins. Notifying neighborhoods of potential threats or maybe notifying them of the
safety to aid in feeling more secure. Also maybe provide tips and trick regarding safety

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