Posted: March 11th, 2023

professional development

  watch the linked in learning course

 Part 1 – Summarize what the course was about, interesting facts or information, etc. Share a high-level overview of how this event was related to our course. 

2. Part 2 – Go into depth about what you learned (at least two lessons or takeaways) related to our course. Explain your insights, takeaways, or learnings. Use one paragraph (5+ sentences) to explain the first insight/takeaway/learning. Start this paragraph with something like, The first thing… or One thing I learned… Write a second paragraph (5+ sentences) about a second insight/takeaway/learning. These paragraphs should reveal how you critically reflected on what was presented to learn something new and/or to plan how to use the information. Consider how the things you learned relate to HRM and to organizations. What is applicable to your life, career, etc.? How will you be able to use this lesson/takeaway in your career? 

3. The word count should be 250-500 words. Include your name and the word count in the header (this document is an example).

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