Posted: February 27th, 2023

Program Evaluation


In this assignment, you are required to evaluate Patient Experience Measurement Program in Saudi Arabia. 

– you are required to apply the program evaluation processes in analyzing this program. 

Note*: CDC’s

Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health

has six connected steps that can be used as a starting point to tailor an evaluation for a particular public health effort at a particular point in time. It also has a set of


that can be used to assess the overall quality of evaluation activities.


1. Engage Stakeholders: Engage stakeholders, including those involved in program operations; those served or affected by the program; and primary users of the evaluation.

2. Describe the Program: Describe the program, including the need, expected effects, activities, resources, stage, context, and logic model.

3. Focus on the Evaluation Design: Focus on the evaluation design to assess the issues of greatest concern to stakeholders while using time and resources as efficiently as possible. Consider the purpose, users, uses, questions, methods, and agreements.

4. Gather Credible Evidence: Gather credible evidence to strengthen evaluation judgments and the recommendations that follow. These aspects of evidence gathering typically affect perceptions of credibility: indicators, sources, quality, quantity, and logistics.

5. Justify Conclusions: Justify conclusions by linking them to the evidence gathered and judging them against agreed-upon values or standards set by the stakeholders. Justify conclusions on the basis of evidence using these five elements: standards, analysis/synthesis, interpretation, judgment, and recommendations.

6. Ensure the Use and Share Lessons Learned: with these steps: design, preparation, feedback, follow-up, and dissemination. For additional details, see Ensuring Use and Sharing Lessons Learned as well as a checklist of items to consider when developing evaluation reports.


Utility standards ensure that an evaluation will serve the information needs of intended users.

Feasibility standards ensure that an evaluation will be realistic, prudent, diplomatic, and frugal.

Propriety standards ensure that an evaluation will be conducted legally, ethically, and with due regard for the welfare of those involved in the evaluation, as well as those affected by its results.

Accuracy standards ensure that an evaluation will reveal and convey technically adequate information about the features that determine the worth or merit of the program being evaluated.

– you are required to apply various feasible program Evaluation tools and techniques to analyze and interpret the contingency.

– you are required to interpret and discuss comprehensively the findings (ACTUAL) as compared with the theoretical information (literature).

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