Posted: February 26th, 2023

Project 2

2/8/23, 2:09 PM

Project 2: Situation Audit Template 1/2

Project 2: Situation Audit Template

Your situation audit report should include the following elements:

cover page—not included in page limit

executive summary—1 page; not included in page limit

introduction—1 page

fact sheet—1 page; see Step 2

mission, vision, values and goals—1 page; see Step 3

stragegy and objectives—1 page; see Step 4

strategy types and competitive advantage—2 to 3 pages; see Step 5

organizational size and structure—2 to 3 pages; see Step 6

critical resources—2 to 3 pages; see Step 7

leadership, governance, and management—2 to 3 pages; see Step 8

strengths and weaknesses—1 to 2 pages; see Step 9

learning and change—1 to 2 pages; see Step 10

conclusions and recommendations—1 page; see Step 11

references—not included in page limit

addenda—if needed, is not included in page limit

submit—see Step 12

Note: The Situation Audit Report is expected to be 18 to 22 pages, excluding the cover

page, executive summary, and references. The page ranges listed above are guidelines.

The student can decide how many pages to allocate to a given topic so long as the report

does not exceed the maximum number of pages allowed. However, where the suggested

page ranges are longer, the intent is to highlight the areas of the report deemed to require

more analysis. These particular areas of the report go beyond a statement of

Course Resource

2/8/23, 2:09 PM Project 2: Situation Audit Template 2/2

organizational facts. They require significant academic readings and a grasp of relevant

concepts, which are expected to be integrated into the student’s analysis. Please carefully

read the Student Expectations section in Step 1, Organize Your Work.

In developing the report, students should follow the exact order of the template using the

same headings to separate sections of the report. Each step is to be included in the final

submission. APA format must be followed throughout. See Writing Skills under Grading in

the Syllabus for writing expectations. In Step 1, Organize Your Work, please read carefully

the section entitled, Student Expectations.

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