Posted: February 26th, 2023

question 1 Lucas

Please see files attached 

3 assignments included 

Integrated Example Projects

Suburban Homes Construction Project

Refer to the project charter from Chapter 3 and the WBS in Chapter 7. The initial scope as identified in the project charter is mentioned below.

Building a single-family, partially custom-designed home as required by Mrs. and Mr. John Thomas on Strath Dr., Alpharetta, Georgia. The single-family home will have the following features:

· 3,200 square-feet home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms

· Flooring—hardwood on the first floor, tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, carpet in the bedrooms

· Granite kitchen countertops, GE appliances in the kitchen

· 3-car garage and external landscaping

· Ceiling—10 feet on the first floor and vaulted 9-feet ceilings in bedrooms

In the previous chapter (Chapter 7), you were asked to develop a WBS. If you have not already done so, Suburban Homes is requesting that you complete the WBS to several levels such that the lowest level represents work packages and activities. Also, you need to make sure that no work components are missing to deliver the project outcome: a single-family home. You are asked to exclude the project management part of it and instead focus on the 
what aspect of the project and not on the 
how aspect of the WBS. Once the WBS is completely developed, please perform the following tasks:

Tasks to Complete

· Expand the WBS (Chapter 7) so that work packages or activities are defined at the lowest level.

· Develop a project schedule at the lowest level of WBS work elements after defining logical relations.

· Estimate durations of each element in the network.

· Compute forward pass and backward pass to determine project duration.

· Determine critical path for the project.

Heritage Arboretum Development Project

As of writing this book, four releases of six months each have been accomplished, and a fifth six-month release is in progress. By agreement with various stakeholders, future releases will be every twelve months, with new planting only during autumn. A substantial amount of progress has been made as can be seen by the Kanban board in Exhibit 8.28.

Exhibit 8.28 Arboretum Project Kanban Board

To Do

In Progress


Create communication plan

Identify potential species to add

Select additional species

Determine sites for more planting

Conduct garden tour

Record video tour

Take additional photos

Add more info to website

Remove more invasives

Conduct routine maintenance

Create more partnerships

Plan and conduct programming

Update master plan

Remove invasives along woods edge

Transplant 5 species from other site

Plant trees along drive

Identify new species along woods edge

Assess size and condition of trees

Update site map

Print and post large high-res map

32 original species identified

22 additional species planted

Deer protection installed

Signs with QR codes placed

ArbNet certification achieved

High-res site map created

Master plan created

Tree conclave conducted with state forester

Buffer zone planting started

Invasives removed

Hazardous trees cut

Science teacher meeting conducted

Website with map, pictures, and descriptions created

Trustees plant two trees

Announcements made in local media


1. Why do you think the decision was made to change to a twelve-month release instead of a six-month release?

2. In what order would you suggest completing the in-progress activities? Why?

3. If your product owner limits you to three stories from your to-do list for the next iteration, which would you choose and why? If the limit is five stories, which would you choose and why?

4. Given what you know about this project from the previous chapters, what additional stories should be added to the to-do list, and which, if any of these, would you recommend be included in the next release?

1. Create a scope statement like Exhibit 7.3 for a project in which you plan an event on your campus.

1. Identify key quality project plan steps that you feel should be included within a typical overall project plan. Be sure to include quality items throughout the project plan life cycle.

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