Posted: February 28th, 2023


Respond to the question that has been posed to you.

Answer in a brief response.


Hi Ronda.  I also learn better through experiential learning.  I was never very good at sitting in place during lectures, which is probably why I didn’t do very well in high school but did very well in the military.  I learn by doing and by repetition.  For concepts that are more theoretical or conceptual, I needed to do a lot of reading before I could truly understand it.  When I was in the military, I had to learn to do navigation.  Trying to reconcile what I was seeing on a map, to what I was looking at was not easy.  When I figured it out, I took those same ideas and used the to teach other people.  

Have you tried to teach someone an idea or concept that was really foreign to them?  For instance, my father tried to teach me how to change a tire.  He did a really poor job.  It wasn’t until I took driver’s education that my teacher explained it in a way I understood.  Would you have a particular process for teaching a subject to someone who has no prior knowledge? 

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