Posted: February 26th, 2023


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1. (200-250 pages) Imagine, if need be, that you are a police officer; what does “reasonable suspicion” mean to you? Who is best suited to determine what is reasonable, police or judges?

What would it take for you to decide that an area is a “high crime area”?

2. Select any case from text chapters 1 through 4 of which you might agree with the dissenting opinion(s). (Likely 2 to 3 pages)

Terry v. Ohio:

· Briefly summarize the material facts in the case and legal procedural issues for the court.

· Explain whether the court wrestled more with the facts of the case, applying legal principles to the facts, or deciding what the legal principles/tests were or should be.

· Explain the finding of the court, its interpretations, its weaknesses, its strengths, and implications for future law enforcement and society.

· Explain the dissenting opinions findings, interpretations, weaknesses, strengths, and implications for future law enforcement and society.

· Discuss why you support the court majority, or dissenting opinions, more than the other. Explain any additional reasons not presented in the opinion that you perhaps considered.

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